Meet Pastor Kurt Simon & Family

Pastor Kurt Simon

Pastor Kurt Simon & Family
Simon Family
Rhonda and I have been married 26 years. We met in New Mexico at college and returned together to her home state of Missouri to serve God and make our home. We have 5 sons; Ethan (25), Eric (22) Elijah (19) Ezekiel (14) and Eaen (8). They love music, the arts (visual and performance), books, movies, sports, anything outdoors and pets. Baseball, kayaking, camping, and water-sports top the list. But if you asked each one it would be for Rhonda (teaching and music) Ethan (guitar and music), Eric (soccer), Eli (long boarding and coffee), Zeke (football football and a little rugby thrown in), Eaen (anything with bugs and books and ipads).
My family and I were called by the remaining members of FBC Waimea to restart the church in October of 2013. We moved in August of 2014 to begin the process of replanting this church. As part of the process, we knew we had to change the name as part of replanting. We settled on the name Voyage Ministries.
I was obedient to God’s calling to serve Him as his minister as a vocational path in my life. I felt this most completely when I had the opportunity to serve as a summer missionary in Israel. God has been faithful to place godly men in my life to mentor and disciple me throughout numerous blessing-filled ministry opportunities. Each time that He has moved me I have felt that He has shown me that He has a better way to use me as I mature. The calling has never changed; to be His servant in whatever He asks. Only the role and place has changed. I have served on mission in Houston, TX; Saskatchewan, Canada; Antigua, Guatemala; and Senegal, Africa. Ministries during these missions ranged from building church buildings, ministering to orphans, establishing “first points of contact” with unreached people groups, and inner city outreach events.


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