Scott Shine proposes the anti-blogging Guerrieri rule

I had the following conversation with an attendee of today's afternoon school board meeting. I had left before it started as I had an important date with my couch and Netflix.

Shine has completely lost it... He called for the board to fire Michelle Begley
He also introduced a social media policy against bloggers, and etc

hahaha did he?
that should be interesting
shoot me some details and I will blog about it

All he said is you accused Gary Chartrand of using his influence to break the story and he is not okay with you as a district employee being able to get away with it. He says he is calling for a social media policy against it and the firing of Michelle Begley the board auditor
Here is the thing that Scott Shine and WJCT should know. If WJCT doesn't want me questioning their integrity they should stop taking money form Gary Chartrand. Now some people agree with him but lets not pretend for a second that he is not agenda driven and I don't know about you but I like my news sources to be above reproach.

It is also unrealistic to think that his agenda doesn't seep into the organizations he finances, JPEF anyone?

As for Shine and other board members, if they don't want me pointing out the crazy things they say, their positions that are the antithesis to supporting public education, or the money they take from special interests, then they should stop saying crazy things, stop taking money from charter school operators and start supporting our schools, children and teachers.

If I was Shine I wouldn't like the blog either, but the truth is he gives me plenty of material to write about.


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