District 7 has a candidate, Nick Harding

Jason Fischer has already announced that he is not running for reelection in district 7 which means we will probably have a wide array of candidates. Four years ago something like seven people vied for the spot.

Well friends we have our first candidate Nick Harding. I looked for a web-site page for him but couldn't find anything but he does have a facebook page. I didn't see a lot of education related content but I did find one post from late September that I think people might find interesting and I have to say for the most part I found it both ignorant and hateful. You be the judge and as you do so remember right now he is the only candidate looking to represent district 7.

By Nick Harding via Facebook,

Time for some poorly formatted unpopular opinions.
Abortion is not a right and doctors that perform them should be punished. But since it is legal, the fetus has the father's DNA as well so he should have the ability to override the mother if she wants an abortion. If she didn't want to carry the baby she shouldn't have had unprotected sex, and if the contraception failed then she should've gotten emergency contraception immediately after realizing.
America should never elect a Muslim president nor should there ever be a Muslim federal judge or Supreme Court justice.
The whole LGB movement is an abomination. Not because they're homosexuals, but because their entire identity is based around sex and their sole method of disagreement is to bitch, moan and name-call.
Gay marriage is not a right, no marriage is a right. The state shouldn't be involved with it at all actually. Marriage is a religious institution that has historically received high regard in America. It is a fact that it has not, historically, been between people of the same sex and the Court saying that marriage changes with society was hypocritical because they then forced the change instead of letting it happen socially.
Transsexuals are mentally ill and any doctor that performs castration (gender reassignment) for them instead of committing them to a mental institution deserves to lose their license.
Bernie Sanders is a stupid old man and him allowing protestors to take over his speech proves he's too weak to be in charge of his own event, let alone the entire US military.
Minimum wage is to start out and all those people that say they're trying to feed a family on minimum wage would starve to death in nature because they only have minimum skills. Minimum skills would barely feed them, let alone anyone else in nature.
All drugs should be unconditionally legalized. If people want to destroy their bodies, it's their right, the only restriction should be for minors.
Illegal immigrants should be shown no mercy and deported en masse regardless of how long they've been here, they broke the law as their first act in the country and they have to pay the price. After they're deported the laws should be changed to make it easy to get temporary and permanent citizenship if you have skills that are useful to America.
Black lives matter is not about police brutality or black people being killed, it's about hating white people. If they really thought black lives mattered they'd encourage people in poor black neighborhoods to speak to police when something happens so that the people actually killing black people can be brought to justice.
Obama only got the democratic nomination because he's a minority. Most of the people he's appointed only got their nomination because they're minorities and he's not only tainted the office of the President, but also several executive departments with these appointments.
America should not support Israel. We sink money into them and they provide us with nothing. "Congress shall pass no law respecting an establishment of religion."
Israel is a Jewish state. Supporting them is unconstitutional.


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