Poor kids in Duval you’re $#@^ed

At the community meeting last night most of the people had complaints about the new math and language arts/reading curriculum. One set of parents said they desperately wanted to help their child and had even hired a retired math teacher to tutor but even they were struggling with the new math. They asked the super what they could do.
He applauded them for hiring a tutor and suggested they check out several web-sites too.
The problem is what about all those families that can’t afford to hire a tutor or don’t have a computer. What about those kids whose parents aren’t all that involved. Those children my friends are screwed. We have put them in a position where failure is almost guaranteed.
When we disenfranchise parents from helping their children. When we make children hate math, something many did even before the change over and when we make it so only middle class children can easily get assistance then we have lost our way.
The common core cure is worse than the disease.


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