First year teacher not a fan of the new curriculum either

This is a response from a reader about the super's assertion that a lot of first year teachers like the new curriculum.

From a reader

I am a first year teacher. I started in the middle of the school year last year. I sure hope he's not counting me as one of the new teachers that loves the new curriculum. 

Between that and the constant micro-managing of my time, I am not enjoying my job at all. 

Love the kids, love the other teachers I work with. A district "specialist" came into my classroom and made me feel like a worthless, incompetent teacher because my students were having a hard time with the writing lesson. So I committed a district sin and took a detour from their plans. How DARE I not be using their lessons. 

I've seen more than a few veteran teachers in tears because of the curriculum and/or the time management.

When will the super listen?


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