Dear Principals, some of you really suck, Merry Christmas superintendent Vitti

Superintendent Vitti said today in the Times Union we don't have enough high performing principals to lead these 50-60 percent filled schools.

You know this is something I have said many times, we don't have enough great leaders and don't seem to be cultivating enough more. I have also said, who you know rather than ones ability has led to many promotions in the district time and time again.

There however is a big difference from me sitting at home blogging on my couch and the superintendent. I am allowed to say those things where he should not be. Who cares what some blogger says, while at the same time the superintendents words carry weight. He should be building our principals up rather than constantly tearing them down in the media (and I hear much worse behind the scenes).

The superintendent routinely disparages the principal corps, Over and over again he has referred to a shallow bench. I wonder if the principals he is referring to and is it a dozen, is it two dozen, is it half the principals or more, know that he thinks they suck and that he would replace them in an instant if he could.

I wonder how many parents are at home thinking, hmm I wonder if my kid's school has one of those crappy principals Vitti is always referring too.

The superintendent takes every opportunity to disparage the districts staff, teachers and principals alike and friends that's noway to run a district.

Maybe the truth is we are one high performing superintendent away from being the district we could be.

My wife says we need the right people in the right seats on the bus but we also need the right bus driver too. 


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