Does superintendent Vitti really care about play? My bet is probably not.

I am just going to get right to it.

Not just experts but most people realize that play is important for children.  

Despite setting up a system that practically eliminates the possibility of kids going out to play, the super says, but hey I wrote a memo saying teachers could take their students out.

The problem is these teachers are on such tight time constraints to do everything the district mandates that they are unable to take their kids out because they would risk falling behind and that has consequences.  

The superintendent is attempting to have his cake and eat it too and it’s wrong.

There is a bill moving through the Floirda legislature which would require kids to play and I have to say I think it is a great idea. We can’t leave our kids fates up to superintendents who think it is more important to kill and drill our kids rather than letting them be kids.

I think recess will actually lead to improved test scores because kids who hate school don’t do as well and that is what we are creating a generation of kids who hate school. We must bring the joy of learning back to our classrooms.  


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