Is anybody else tired of the district lying to us about testing?

The district over and over has said, look at us we have cut testing, we listened to teachers and parents and we're doing what they asked.

Except they didn't and the district is currently in it's second week of what they are calling a scrimmage designed to mirror the FSA test kids will have to take later in the school year. Ten full days of testing, more for schools without the resources to get it done during that window. Ten days of classes being disrupted.

This year weeks of testing have replaced last years end of quarter tests. Some people I have spoken to think we are testing more than ever despite the superintendents and districts assertions otherwise.

I get the tests too, the state hasn't given us much leeway, what I don't get is the district telling the public one thing and doing the exact opposite and I for one am tired of it.

Now for my regularly scheduled rant. The district doesn't get that if they make school miserable for students and teachers alike that we will never reach our potential, never. We also cannot alienate and push away parents, we have to be honest with them and we have to rally them behind our schools but why should they support them when they are told one thing while another happens.

Nobody likes bad news, but people hate being lied to worse. 


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