Superintendent Vitti can’t help but demean teachers

A few weeks ago, the superintendent was saying look at our NEAP scores, what we are doing isn’t just working it is working spectacularly. Forget for a moment that Duval replaced what we were doing with Engage NY the much maligned curriculum and it was teachers not him that was doing it. 

He would like you to anyways.

Yesterday when talking about Duval’s new reading curriculum the superintendent said the following about teachers and the curriculum:

“My role is to pick a curriculum that can meet the standards for what needs to be taught,” Vitti said. “I could have picked a lower level curriculum and the average teacher does not have the skill, the time or the resources to fill in the gaps. Then we’re rolling the dice to see [if] the child gets it or not.”

The first thing that caught my eye was we said that it was his role to pick the curriculum. I want to remind you that he has no expertise in this area having only been a teacher for a cup of coffee and he routinely says it was teachers that picked the new curriculum though I have been able to find none that said, yeah this is what we wanted.

Then he talks about the average teacher not being to fill in the gaps, they just don’t have the skills and there you have it. In his opinion our schools are filled with nothing but average teachers lacking the skills to properly teach our children.

Now he is right most teachers don’t have the time nor the resources they need but is that really their fault? Shouldn’t the super take the lion’s share of blame for that one?

How does the super not realize when he talks like this about the staff, he undermines both them and the communities confidence in our schools. Thinking it would be both inaccurate and bad enough but he tales every opportunity he can to disparage the city’s teachers.


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